Giving Your 2Cents

The goal of this show is to focus on important events in our past by pulling back the veil of sand, time and legend or myth to learn what actually occurred. Marc’s unique and engaging style is NOT to focus on an endless parade of names and dates.  The focus is where it belongs, on the people themselves and their stories which directly shaped the world we live in today.  Marc is a fan of history or more correctly a history fanatic and hopes that you can share and enjoy his passion… along with his occasional 2 Cents.  

This is History with Style.

Marc, simply put, is a fan of history.  He drives his wife crazy collecting dusty and sometimes moldy books and manuscripts on history… though in an attempt to mitigate his growing collection he was recently gifted with a Kindle. Marc has been a teacher, firefighter, waiter, professional student and currently is an executive in Corporate America.  Marc holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Education degree.    He enjoys dusty out of the way specialized libraries, reading, hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, spending time with his family and the occasional video game when time permits. 

The show is put on and funded by Marc Edelheit.  Sean Spincus is the Sound Engineer and performs all recording services for which Marc is very grateful.