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    Charitable Ventures and Community Servic

    This morning my wife told me that she is beginning to organize her annual Care Package Drive for the troops in Afghanistan.  She did this last year with her Mom’s Group.  She belongs to four or five… basically they get together throughout the week and do activities with the kids, have play dates, hit the park, etc.  They are highly organized and have committee meetings.  It’s really a neat thing and until we had kids I never knew this subculture existed.  :P  Some of you out there who have kids may know what I am talking about.   Some may not.  Look them up on the web.  They are everywhere!

    Anyway one of the groups decided they wanted to introduce the kids to community service and the idea of giving back to the community… i.e. working on food drives, helping needy families, etc.  Each Mom organized one event or activity. 

    My wife chose organizing care packages for the troops in Afghanistan.  The Moms worked hard and collected items like chips, soda, books, wet wipes, basic needs items, DVDs, etc.  Then the group held a play date in our basement and assembled the items into care packages for random company sized units. The kids made cards, and also included disposable cameras and return envelopes. It was a great activity and I am extremely proud of my wife for organizing it.

    I don’t care if you are for or against the war… that is beside the point.  We have family members who were deployed and from what I understand Afghanistan is a pretty terrible place to be.  From an American perspective I thought the activity was great in that during the holidays far from home and probably very lonely… some troops would get a little something from someone back home that says “hey we care and we’ve not forgotten you.”  Working with the USO we delivered the packages to the Philadelphia airport and off they went. 

    Let’s be brutally honest… for most of us throughout the year, too often we only think of ourselves. Perhaps this time of year is a good excuse to think of others. My wife’s comment about beginning to organize got me thinking this morning.  For us, the Holidays are approaching. There are a great many people in need, especially now with this terrible economy.  Individuals and families are hurting.  I know that based upon the website reporting package a great many people hit the website daily.  We may only have a few people who joined the forums but we have a lot of lurkers.  I thought that besides being just a fan or history and sharing my passion I might encourage others to perform community service and or get involved with charitable ventures.  There are a great many people hurting out there.  Even little things can help.  Last year we adopted 2 families for the Holidays.  One family was local and the other was in Center City Philadelphia.   One was through a Church (of which we are not members) and the other was through the Salvation Army.  The one in Philadelphia broke my heart.  The father had just been killed leaving 2 extremely little children.  Tough stuff...  To top it all off my wife also organized a toy drive and for weeks our garage was full of toys!  It makes me feel good to know that last year we, as a family, made a number of random people feel good… demonstrating that others cared.

    The point I am trying to make is that you too can make a difference in someone’s life by giving.  If you are unable to give financially… then give a part of yourself your time.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen, cleaning someone’s house, visiting the elderly in a nursing home, etc. If we all give back a little I am confident we can make this world a better place. 

    Note:  I am going to temporarily get rid of the Alternative History forum… Yes I know as I say in the show… the “What if’s are amazing.”  The truth is no one is using that forum yet… so if you have a “what if” post it under History in General.  This new forum will be: Charitable Ventures and Community Service

    I would like to hear what you have done or plan to do.  Help give others ideas or post charities you think are worthwhile.