Giving Your 2Cents

Why Support the Show?

By Marc Edelheit

Putting on a show like 2 Cent History becomes pricey.  Expenses for research materials, travel, recording services, studio time, and hosting for the podcast and website add up rather quickly… a little too quickly.

If you enjoy listening to 2 Cent History please feel free to support me and the show. A simple donation of $5 or more goes a long way to helping keep the show on a regular schedule. In addition I have many improvements planned for the show and with your support we can make it a reality. 

I also fully recognize the economy is far from well and many listeners are struggling to make ends meet, especially if you are not actively or even fully employed.  My personal hope is that regardless of whether you can make donation or not… you enjoy the show and continue listening.

For those that are able and willing to donate you have my heartfelt thanks for your support.

Best regards,