2Cent History Acknowledgments



    Marc highly recommend's Sean's services. 

    Located in the heart of Doylestown, Pa., SPINCUS STUDIOS, LLC is a full service digital and analog recording studio. Our goal is to make every project, whether big or small, sound like a major label recording at an affordable price.

    To achieve these objectives, the studio features the industry’s highest quality analog and digital gear, coupled with highly trained engineers, producers, and business professionals.

    SPINCUS STUDIOS, LLC was founded in 2009, by recording engineer, Sean Pincus.

  • Fresh Cut Web

    Fresh Cut Web

    Fresh Cut Web is a small web design and development studio focused on open source solutions and specializing in website creation, content management and eCommerce.  Whether your needs are for a brand new site, or a redesign of your current site, Fresh Cut Web can help you create or expand your business’ web presence and maximize it’s effectiveness. 

    Fresh Cut Web provides a full range of services including: website design and development; search engine optimization; database design, optimization and administration; web analytics; on-site merchandising and marketing strategy; custom content management via our in-house CMS, SiteSprout; business interconnectivity via API or Web Service.

  • Strategic Command

    Strategic Command

    I put this link up because I am a fan of this series and have been playing it for many years.  If you are like me and enjoy a good strategic war game this game may be for you.  The player takes the role of major belligerent during WWII and most recently in the latest installment WWI.  The game supports single and multi-player mode.  It is easy to learn and play.  I warn you it is quite addictive. You can download the demos free of charge and give each game a try. If it is to your liking… purchasing this game is also a great way to support an independent developer.  Also just a quick note: Hubert Cater, the developer, invited me to join just a handful of beta testers over 2 years ago for which as a fan I am extremely grateful.  I get no revenues whatsoever from this game.  I recommend it based upon merit alone and my love of this game.  I hope you enjoy it as well.